Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch NSR22-PR-LGT


  • Position Control with External Signal Lamp
  • Aluminum Body
  • 2x50m Distance of Right and Left Rope Connection 
  • 3NO / 3NC Snap Action Contact Structure
  • It has CE and EAC Standards.


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Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch NSR22-PR-LGT

NSR22 PR-LGT Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch with Alarm Light series is designed for the safety of the conveyor belt system for controlling and stopping it. Its resistance to heavy conditions makes it reliable in the long term and suitable for many industrial applications. The enclosure  structure is aluminum casting material and it is protected with curing paint. Shaft mechanisms are made of stainless steel and arm mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum. Products with IP68 protection class can work in dusty and dirty environments. Owing to the alarm light, If the product gives contact, it will allow you to immediately detect the defective product on the tape. KBT Corded Emergency Stop Switches with alarm light are also called Conveyor Belt Alarm Rope Pull Switch. 

The products that can be mounted on the application place with steel rope work by moving to both sides or to one side. If the connected ropes are pulled from a possible direction, the system locks and the switches switch to the stop position. After that, it must be returned to normal with manual reset. It has a standard distance of 50 meters from both directions, and it can be used for longer distances by customization if requested. An alarm and signal lamp can be added to all models optionally. With these features, it is easier to detect the warning product on the long conveyor belt.There is 1NO + 1NC contact structure in standard.Optionally, it can be upgraded to 3NO + 3NC contact structure.The microswitch used in the products has been approved by VDE. All products are manufactured in accordance with CE standards.  It applies EAC standards for the Russian market. NSR22-PR (XX) -LGT series products do not require any maintenance.

We recommend that you use highly tested and approved KBT connection accessories to make connections. Please check manual file for product application.

Technicial Specification

Enclosure Aluminum Casting Body Static Paint Coating
Micro Switch Values​ 400VAC 6A / 230VAC 8A / 24VDC 10A
Output Signal​ (1) SPDT shutdown, Alarm can be added upon request.
Cable Entry​ 2xM25
Temperature Rating​ -55°C - +100°C
Movement Angle​ 25°
Contact Status​ Snap - Action
Protection Class​ IP68
Enclosure Color Red RAL 3020
Weight 3.2 Kg
Mounting Structure Double-Sided use.
Warranty Period 36 month

Security Approvals

Electrical Security EN60947
Mechanical Security EN 60204
Outdoor Security EN 60529
Current Certificate CE
Russia Market  EAC
Micro Switch VDE


EX  - Zone 22 / Zone 21 Reset Cancel
Bus Security Interface
Adjustable Angle
Casting Enclosure
Mounting Feets
Arm Length and Diameter
Signal Lamp

Model Specification List


Structure of Contact Optional
NC NO EX Alarm+Signal
NSR22-PR-LGT 1 1 (EX) (ALGT)
NSR22-PR-22-LGT 2 2 (EX) (ALGT)
NSR22-PR-33-LGT 3 3 (EX) (ALGT)

Example Code : NSR22-22-LGT-EX  (Alarm Light Exproof certified 2NO + 2NC features.)

Spare Parts Accessories List

KB-826 1NO+1NC Switch
KB-826-2 2NO+2NC Switch
KB-826-3 3NO+3NC Switch
KB-SL-01 Signal lamp
KB-R-01 M25x1,5 Cable Gland
KB-KT-01 M25 Blind Plug
KB-4-KN 4 Pin Connector
BA-11 Connection Mounting  Foot
KB-TGV-01 Body Cover
TSR-42-PRP Rope Connection Arm
KB-PM Reset Lever