NSR66-PS Conveyor Belt Position Switch


  • Cast Aluminum Body
  • It is resistant to blow and heavy conditions.
  • 2NO / 2NC Angular Contact Mechanism
  • Suitable assembly structure in USA field plant
  • It has CE and EAC Standards.
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NSR66-PS Conveyor Belt Position Switch

NSR66-PS Conveyor Belt Position Switch is used to monitor the position of heavy moving machinery. These include gravity take-ups or tripper cars.

Uses and Applications:

NSR66-PS Conveyor Belt Position Switch is a heavy-duty limit switch that has a variety of uses in industrial fields.

This model is usually used on tripper floors to enunciate the position of the tripper car. It ensures that the material is being unloaded in the correct spot.

Once the roller actuator arm is moved from its normal position, the microswitches are tripped. The microswitches can be used to alarm the control system, indicating either to shut it down or to move the piece of heavy machinery.

Safety Features:

NSR66-PS Conveyor Belt Position Switch is utilized as a limit switch to protect gravity take-ups on conventional conveyors.

Certifications and Standards:

The microswitch used in products is VDE approved. All KBT Electric products are produced in accordance with CE and EAC standards.

Technicial Specifications

Enclosure Aluminum Casting NEMA-4
Micro Switch Values 15A @ 115-230 VAC, 30 VDC
Output Signal (2) SPDT (Alarm,Closure)
Cable Entry 2xM25
Temperature Rating -42°C - +80°C
Movement Angle 15° and 25°
Mounting Structure It is suitable for double-sided use.
Protection Class IP67
Warranty Period 36 month

Approvals for Safety

Electrical Safety IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60947-1: 2004-03
Mechanical Safety IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Functional Safety IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Outdoor/Noise/Vibration IEC 60529: 2001-02
Certificate CE


Cranes, Shaveles and Drag Lines
Convensional Conveyor Belts
Piston Conveyors
Shuttle Conveyors
Ship Loading / Unloading Systems
Stockplile / Reclaim Systems
Crawler Conveyors
Heavy Duty Applications

Model Specifications List


Structure of Contact Reset
Alarm Stop
NSR66-PS 1 1 1 1 ---